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Simplified Deployment

Benjamin Perkins C#

DLL Hell. Enough said, well maybe not. Before .NET every installation of a new version of a program or the installation of any program was a gamble. There was always a risk that a necessary component required to run the new version would overwrite a component which is used by another causing the old program […]

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Cannot publish to Sovereign Cloud

Azure Benjamin Perkins

I was reading this article where it discusses some of the different kinds of Clouds that Azure supports. For example: Public Cloud China Cloud German Cloud US Government Cloud There may be more, but I was working on publishing an Azure App Service to the German Cloud and I was not finding my subscription in […]

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Visual Studio Benjamin Perkins

NOTE: This exception happens most often when your corporate IT department has a firewall rule or proxy which is preventing the deployment to be made. The first step should be that you attempt a deployment outside of your corporate network, perhaps from home when connected on your private ISP. I was doing some deployments to […]

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