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Create and Consume a WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) service using C#

Benjamin Perkins C#

Creating a simple ‘Hello World’-like WCF service is very simple with Visual Studio 2010. Open Visual Studio 2010 and select New => Project => WCF Service. Name it for example, HelloWorldWCF. It will initially create 2 files for you (IService.cs and IService.svc). Delete them. Right-click on your project and add a new WCF Service named […]

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Can you trace WCF using Failed Request Tracing

IIS Benjamin Perkins

Yes you can.  I wrote this blog a long time ago that explains how to setup a Hello World WCF service and consumer.  I have also written numerous articles about Failed Request Traces: Lab 4: Install and configure Failed Request Tracing Lab 16: Configuring Failed Request Tracing to take a memory dump Install Failed Request […]

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Using TLS 1.2 with WCF

Security Cyber Benjamin Perkins

NOTE: Security is a very serious topic and you should always engage an IT security expert before deploying an application that needs to be secure. This article is intended to share my experience versus being an article to use as a guideline. With all the news about the different vulnerabilities like heartbleed and poodle, developers […]

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