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ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core error, Login Failed

ASP.NET Benjamin Perkins

I was working with the EF NuGet package Microsoft.EntityFramework.Tools.DotNet and executed the command-line interface (CLI), also shown in Figure 1. dotnet ef database drop Running this method resulted in the same behavior: context.Database.EnsureDeleted(); Figure 1, Entity Framework Core, CLI I am not sure what exactly I was thinking, but it I did not really expect […]

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ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core – ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT

Benjamin Perkins C#

This is another one, Figure 1, that just kind of happened because I dropped my database.  Once I re-created the database and my ASP.NET Core application could access it, all was back to normal. Figure 1, ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable to Development, and restarting the application. Error. An error occurred while processing your request. Development Mode […]

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Online SQL Formatter for ORM generated SQL

With the recent introduction of so many ORM’s (Object-relational mapping) tools onto the market it is becoming less and less needful to write SQL statements. Tools like NHibernate, Entity Framework and SubSonic to name a few will take your database mappings and write an optimized query for you. However, during development, testing or production support […]

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Using NuGet to install your ORM into Visual Studio

Visual Studio Benjamin Perkins

I have spent a lot of time Working with NHibernate 3.0 and now am also giving some attention to the Entity Framework. One of the road blocks for using NHibernate is the initial configuration requirements. There are a significant number of actions which must be taken to get NHibernate working, where as, the Entity Framework […]

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