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NHibernate MappingException association references unmapped class

NHibernate Benjamin Perkins

During the mapping process you may encounter this error. In my situation the case was that I had the wrong namespace identified within the class attribute within a bag element containing a one-to-many element, like the below. <bag name=”Customer”>    <key column=”CUST_ID” />    <one-to-many class=”CompanyName.SysName.Nhibernate.Common.Customer” /> </bag> Instead of Common I had another directory […]

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Setting up WebDAV on IIS using Windows Authentication and a UNC, mapped drive or file share

IIS Benjamin Perkins

I have spent some hours setting up a solution defined in the title of this article. I want to make clear that there are numerous ways of configuring this and there are numerous Kerberos/Windows Authentication configuration possibilities based on different SPNs, IE Zones, Application Pool identities, etc… This article is intended to provide 1 possible, […]

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