Category: Debugging

Recreate Event Viewer logs

Benjamin Perkins Windows

If you ever receive “the event log file is corrupted” on Windows 2008 R2, try the following list of actions to fix it. Following these steps result in the recreation of the event logs. Open a command as an Administrator and enter “NET STOP EVENTLOG” as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1, stopping event logging […]

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Why does my !runaway command not work

WinDbg Benjamin Perkins

Sometimes when I execute: !runaway in WinDbg I receive the following error: ERROR: !runaway: extension exception 0x80004002. “Unable to get thread times – dumps may not have time information” The error message says it all, but how do you fix it. In my case ProcDump was used to create the dump and it appears that […]

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IIS Service will not start (Event Id 4275)

IIS Benjamin Perkins

When you are troubleshooting IIS issues there are tools like Failed Request Tracing, IIS logs, etc. which will let you see what is going on. But what do you do when IIS itself is not working? A common cause is that the applicationHost.config file is corrupted. Perhaps there was a manual modification made to it […]

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