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Nhibernate GenericADOException could not execute query

NHibernate Benjamin Perkins

During the mapping process or after a data model change you may receive this error. The error message being: {“could not execute query\r\n[ select from TABLE ]”} with an inner exception of {“Ungültiger Spaltenname ‘SPALTEN NAME’.”} {“Invalid column name ‘COLUMN NAME’.”} I received this error when I was creating a many-to-one relationship between 2 classes, […]

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500.19 when setting up WebDAV on a UNC File share

IIS Benjamin Perkins

I have written some instruction on how I setup a WebDAV installation that uses Windows Authentication and UNC here. An important concept to understand before you start setting up a WebDAV solution using this configuration is the difference in behavior when you are logged on and testing from the IIS server versus testing from a […]

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Enable logging on your Windows Azure Web App – App Service from Visual Studio

Azure App Service Benjamin Perkins

With the release of Windows Azure SDK 2.0, you can enable the logging from within Visual Studio. I wrote another article which discussed how to enable Failed Request Tracing while logged into the Microsoft Azure Management console. You can review that article here. After installing the SDK, open Visual Studio and example the Server Explorer, […]

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Enable CAPI2 event logging to troubleshoot PKI and SSL Certificate Issues

Security Cyber Benjamin Perkins

The CryptoAPI 2.0 Diagnostics is a feature available on Windows Server 2008+ that supports the trouble shooting of issues concerned with, for example: Certificate Chain Validation Certificate Store Operations Signature Verification This article describes how to enable the CAPI2 Diagnostic, but for an in depth review of the capability, check here. Enable CAPI2 logging by […]

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