Beginning C# and .NET, 2021 Edition

I would like to proudly announce the release and availability of my new Beginning C# and .NET 2021 Edition book, which was co-authored with Jon Reid. The book contains over 800 pages of material relating to the skills and knowledge required to become a great C# programmer. The book is designed around the premise that the person reading it, is a beginner. It starts from basic constructs like variables, operators, if statements, arrays, and loops, then progresses to some of the most complicated programming concepts, such as, inheritance, error handling, polymorphism, generics, lambda expressions, LINQ, and much more. Additionally, there are exercises and discussions covering ASP.NET Core, Blazor, REST API, Azure, WCF, WPF, open source concepts and .NET Framework vs. .NET Core.  Find me everywhere on social media @csharpguitar or benperk and on GitHub here:


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Check out the source code on my GitHub repo “BeginningCSharpAndDotNET”, also leave any comment you have there and I’ll try to respond to you.

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