Missing Azure DevOps Organization when setting up CI/CD via Deployment Center

Having worked on Azure for many years now, I have provisioned, deleted, switch, modified so much I sometimes get a bit lost.  I was configuring CI/CD for a project and selected Azure Repos, but when I opened the Organization drop-down I did not see the Azure DevOps organization.


Figure 1, why is my Azure DevOps organization no showing up in Deployment Center

I double checked and I was for sure using the same account in Azure that I was with Azure DevOps.  The problem had to do with the Azure Active Directory tenant in which I was logged into.  An AAD tenant is a directory which stores your identity and looks something like this:  *.onmicrosoft.com


Figure 2, why is my Azure DevOps organization no showing up in Deployment Center

Swapping back and forth resulted in the same issue. The issue was caused by poor planning or lack of knowledge on my part.  The AAD tenant on which I provision the resource which I want to configure Deployment Center for, needs to be in the same AAD tenant as the Azure DevOps organization.

I did read that there are some AAD actions which you can take to merge tenants, but nothing simple and nothing I would recommend.

I am going to manually delete and re-provision the Azure DevOps repository I created in tenant Benjamin Perkins to Microsoft.  I created my Azure Function while logged in to the Microsoft AAD tenant but I created the Azure DevOps while logged into the Benjamin Perkins tenant.

The interesting thing is that when I configure the repository in Visual Studio 2022 and expand the list of Azure DevOps Organizations I see them all. I mean I see Organizations from both my Microsoft and Benjamin Perkins tenants, but I do not see the same in the Azure portal in Deployment Center.