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Add a new user to my Azure Subscription

Azure Benjamin Perkins

I wanted to add a new user to my subscription and I wanted to make that person an Owner.  This is how I did it. Create the account Grant the account access to the subscription Create the account I logged into the Azure management portal and navigated to Azure Active Directory and clicked ‘Add a […]

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What do C# values look like in WinDbg

WinDbg Benjamin Perkins

One of the important areas you need to master when analyzing memory dumps is to recognize patterns that are normal and not normal.  You can only come to those conclusions after looking at many, many, many, many memory dumps and either remembering or taking notes on how a process looks when all is ok, so […]

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Hashing with Cryptography and SHA in C#

Benjamin Perkins C#

Disclaimer: Security is a very important aspect, not only for a computer system, but for an entire organization and/or company. Different types of organizations store different types of data which have different types of security requirements. My suggestion is to always consult a security expert with experience in your domain prior to implementing a security […]

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Could not load file or assembly ‘benjamin, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.","errorDetails" SOLVED

Debugging Benjamin Perkins

I was writting this article about #AzureFunctions here called “How to add assembly references to an Azure Function App” and another here called “How to make a simple DLL as an assembly reference just for fun” and I got this exceptions when I called the Azure Function: D:\>curl.exe -G http://localhost:7071/api/GrettingsAssemblyReference?code=b442be73f7124dd8ae57747e7ffc496d -d name=Benjamin {“id”:”3abc8583-47c0-43e3-90f0-d2f7fe577d43″,”requestId”:”b74ef638-0f71-4303-adca-2c7741e1dcb7″,”statusCode”:500,”errorCode”:0,”messsage”:”Exception while executing […]

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