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How I improved my chatbot

Benjamin Perkins C#

I think a common attribute of a hardcore coder is procrastination. Up to now I have brainstormed my LadyBug but have not done much coding to support the backend. Nonetheless, this is probably my last blog on the design of my #chatbot and will start coding it pretty soon. If you haven’t seen my other […]

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Create a VNET and access an Azure VM hosted within it from an App Services Web App

Azure Benjamin Perkins

There are 2 kinds of VNETs at the moment, they are VNETv1 (ASM), also referred to as ‘Classic virtual networks’ and VNETv2 (ARM), aka ‘Resource Manager virtual networks’. The binding between a VNETv1 and a Web App can be achieved within the AUX portal here, while the same needs to be performed using PowerShell for […]

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