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Conditional Methods

Benjamin Perkins C#

One of, if not the most important concepts in software programming is that of Conditional Methods. Conditional methods provide a program with the ability to make decisions based on user input, user selections or data values. The code below is a simple example of a conditional method: [sourcecode language=”csharp” padlinenumbers=”true” autolinks=”false” gutter=”false” toolbar=”false”] public static […]

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Interface in C#

An interface is like a contract. When a person signs a contract they are agreeing to perform in adherence to its’ contents. The person can take any action which is not specifically identified in the contract or build on top of the agreements within it. An interface has a similar concept. In this example I […]

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Failed to save Auth settings Easy Auth Azure Authentication

Security Cyber Benjamin Perkins

When I tried to configure a a URL into the ALLOWED EXTERNAL REDIRECT URLS text box, as shown in Figure 1, I received the following error. Failed to save Auth Settings for authenticated App: {"Code":"Conflict","Message":"Cannot update the site ‘******’ because Authentication / Authorization was configured with an invalid external redirect URL ‘***.***.***.***’. All configured URLs […]

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Failed to update App Service Plan the sites exceed maximum number of slots

Azure App Service Benjamin Perkins

After some testing I wanted to scale down my 5 instances of Standard S3 plan machines and I got this error when scaling down to FREE: Failed to update App Service plan : {“Code”:”Conflict”,”Message”:”The site(s) ” exceed maximum number of slots allowed for the hosting plan. Remove all deployment slots before scaling to a different […]

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500.79 Internal Server Error

Debugging Benjamin Perkins

I got this exception when I was trying to configure the Azure Active Directory authentication in Advance management mode for an Azure App Service.  Basically, I was following the (Alternative Method) instructions described here.  After following all the instructions, I was getting this exception, as shown in Figure 1. The page cannot be displayed because […]

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