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Using CLI 2.0 with Azure

Azure Benjamin Perkins

I wrote these articles about the Azure CLI but that was at version 0.10.8 and things have progressed since then.  #Azure #AzureGermanCloud #GermanCloud #CLI Using Azure Xplat-CLI with Azure App Services in the German Cloud Azure CLI ‘config’ is not an azure command CLI articles by Benjamin Here is some good CLI 2.0 information. It […]

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Nhibernate GenericADOException could not execute query

NHibernate Benjamin Perkins

During the mapping process or after a data model change you may receive this error. The error message being: {“could not execute query\r\n[ select from TABLE ]”} with an inner exception of {“Ungültiger Spaltenname ‘SPALTEN NAME’.”} {“Invalid column name ‘COLUMN NAME’.”} I received this error when I was creating a many-to-one relationship between 2 classes, […]

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