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Base Class Library (BCL)

Benjamin Perkins C#

The .NET framework provides a set of base class libraries which provide functions and features which can be used with any programming language which implements .NET, such as Visual Basic, C# (or course), Visual C++, etc. The base class library contains standard programming features such as Collections, XML, DataType definitions, IO ( for reading and […]

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Azure Functions – Microsoft Graph

Azure Functions Benjamin Perkins

The labs contained in this article show how to create, configure, code and monitor an Azure Function with a Microsoft Graph. There is a detailed document here “Microsoft Graph bindings for Azure Functions” which discusses the Microsoft Graph in detail so I will not readdress that content. Azure Active Directory Tenant Every Azure subscription will […]

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Azure Management Certificates (German Cloud, Azure Deutschland)

Azure Benjamin Perkins

This article has to do mostly with the German Cloud, #GermanCloud #AzureGermany because it is most probable that there will not be anything similar to deployed to this solution. Why is that important? It is important because this is historically how many people configured thier PowerShell or other clients to make deployments/configurations onto Azure. […]

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Set or change an Azure App Service file or folder permission

Azure App Service Benjamin Perkins

I was using FileZilla to try to change the file permissions and I got this error: Status:   Setting permissions of ‘/site/wwwroot/index.html’ to ‘644’ Command:  SITE CHMOD 644 index.html Response:  500 ‘SITE’: command not understood Status:   Setting permissions of ‘/site/wwwroot/index.html’ to ‘755’ Command:  SITE CHMOD 755 index.html Response:  500 ‘SITE’: command not understood Then I started […]

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