How to stop selection change event in combo-box from firing when populating loading it

If you have ever wanted to take some action when a user changes a selection in a combo-box (drop down selection list) you would put your code in the SelectionChanged event of the WinForm or WPF system. If you have ever wanted to set the combo-box to a default value when the window is being created, then you have probably experienced what this article is about. When you set the combo-box to a default value, the SelectionChanged event is fired. In a majority of the cases you do not want this to happen because, 1. it’s not being triggered by a user action and 2. it will execute the logic in your SelectionChanged event, probably unnecessarily, increasing startup/rendering time. What I do to get around this is detach and then reattach the event before and after the default value is set. This is also referred to as “wiring up” and event.

private void comboBox1_SelectionChanged(object sender, 
                                SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
   MessageBox.Show("comboBox1_SelectionChanged event called", 
                   "Event", MessageBoxButton.OK, 
   //Add your other logic here....

Above is the method that gets triggered when the user changes the value or the program changes the value in the combo-box. For this example I display a message box. Below is the logic that loads 2 strings into a LIST and then populates the the combo-box with the LIST. Just a simple example, in a real system you would probably do a data bind with a result set from the database.

public void PopulateAssemblyComboBox()
   List<string> comboBoxList = new List<string>();
   comboBoxList.Add("Some Date"); 
   comboBoxList.Add("Default Data");           
   comboBox1.ItemsSource = comboBoxList;
   comboBox1.SelectionChanged -= 
      new SelectionChangedEventHandler(comboBox1_SelectionChanged);
   comboBox1.Text = "Default Data";
   comboBox1.SelectionChanged += 
      new SelectionChangedEventHandler(comboBox1_SelectionChanged);

You will see that I bind the comboboxList to the ItemsSource of the comboBox, then I de-attach the SelectionChanged event from the comboBox, set the default value and then rewire the event to the comboBox. I need to rewire it so that when a user changes the value the SelectionChanged event is triggered and what is coded in the event is executed.