How to create and search a Lucene.Net index in 4 simple steps using C#, Step 4

Display the results.

To view the results we need to loop through the ScoreDoc array we created in Part3. We do this by iterating through it within a for loop.

[sourcecode language="csharp" padlinenumbers="true" autolinks="false" gutter="false" toolbar="false" wraplines="true"]
for (int i = 0; i < hits.Length; i++)
  int docId = hits[i].doc;
  float score = hits[i].score;
  Lucene.Net.Documents.Document doc = searcher.Doc(docId);
  string result = "Score: " + score.ToString() + 
                 " Field: " + doc.Get("fieldName") + 
                 " Field2: " + doc.Get("TERM");

That’s it. Follow these steps and you will have implemented a very powerful search capability.

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