How to add double quotes to a string

I needed to save an XML formatted file as a string which required double quotes around the attributes. The below code shows how to add double quotes to a string. string data      = “<customer name=\”Ben Perkins\” class=\”Customer\”>        <property name=\”Id\” /><property name=\”Address\” />        <property name=\”Occupation\” />        <property name=\”Remark\” /></ customer >”; Notice […]

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Using NuGet to install your ORM into Visual Studio

Visual Studio Benjamin Perkins

I have spent a lot of time Working with NHibernate 3.0 and now am also giving some attention to the Entity Framework. One of the road blocks for using NHibernate is the initial configuration requirements. There are a significant number of actions which must be taken to get NHibernate working, where as, the Entity Framework […]

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Web Farm Framework Architecture

I am very excited about the Web Farm Framework (WFF). Having administered many web farms in my past, this technology resolves a lot of the activities which where a burden. This blog will show a standard architectural configuration of a WFF environment. Figure 1 shows the controller server, the primary server and the multiple secondary […]

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Enable and Activate Failed Request Tracing Rules

IIS Benjamin Perkins

There is a new troubleshooting capability available in IIS 7, it is called Failed Request Tracing Rules. It provides a lot of very useful information which can help pinpoint the cause of performance problem or error. At the moment it is not installed by default and you may see the setting as shown in Figure […]

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