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Simplified Deployment

Benjamin Perkins C#

DLL Hell. Enough said, well maybe not. Before .NET every installation of a new version of a program or the installation of any program was a gamble. There was always a risk that a necessary component required to run the new version would overwrite a component which is used by another causing the old program […]

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ASP.NET Benjamin Perkins

I was publishing an ASP.NET Core application, straight to production, which is a no-no, no-go and got this error, also seen in Figure 1. Figure 1, publishing to an Azure App Service, straight to production Severity    Code    Description Project File    Line    Suppression State Error       Web deployment task failed. (Unable to perform the operation (“Delete File”)  […]

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Publish has encountered an error ERROR_FILE_IN_USE

Visual Studio Benjamin Perkins

I was making a deployment to an ASP.NET Core application from Visual Studio and got this error, see Figure 1. Figure 1, deployment core web deploy msdeploy from visual studio Read some of my other web deploy articles here: Web Deploy ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_REACHABLE Azure Web App ERROR_CONNECTION_TERMINATED msdeploy web deploy All of them are accessible […]

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Azure Benjamin Perkins

I was writting this article here “How to use ARM templates for deployments” and received the result seen in Figure 1. Figure 1, failed deployment using templates azure arm When I clicked on the operations details i found the following details. {    “error”: {      “code”: “InvalidParameter”,      “target”: “”,      “message”: “Parameter ‘’ […]

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