Author: Benjamin Perkins

Displaying detailed error messages in IIS

IIS Benjamin Perkins

One of the first questions I ask when troubleshooting an IIS case is “What HTTP Status code are you receiving?” I ask this question because it sets the direction for further analysis. In this example I want to discuss the 404 status code and how you might need to make some changes or do some […]

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Inserting Parent Child records using NHibernate IDENTITY INSERT OFF

NHibernate Benjamin Perkins

One of the errors I received when I was trying to get the parent child insert to work with NHibernate was: Ein expliziter Wert für die Identitätsspalte kann nicht in der ‘CHILD’-Tabelle eingefügt werden, wenn IDENTITY_INSERT auf OFF festgelegt ist Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table ‘IdentityTable’ when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to […]

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How to add double quotes to a string

Benjamin Perkins C#

I needed to save an XML formatted file as a string which required double quotes around the attributes. The below code shows how to add double quotes to a string. string data      = “<customer name=\”Ben Perkins\” class=\”Customer\”>        <property name=\”Id\” /><property name=\”Address\” />        <property name=\”Occupation\” />        <property name=\”Remark\” /></ customer >”; Notice […]

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