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Auto Heal your Azure Web App

Azure App Service Benjamin Perkins

If your Web App is not behaving like you expect, you might consider implementing Auto Healing. Auto Healing for a Web App lets you take an action when certain events occurr, for example: When request count breaches a certain limit When requests are running slower that expected When an unexpected http status code is received […]

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ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core error, Login Failed

ASP.NET Benjamin Perkins

I was working with the EF NuGet package Microsoft.EntityFramework.Tools.DotNet and executed the command-line interface (CLI), also shown in Figure 1. dotnet ef database drop Running this method resulted in the same behavior: context.Database.EnsureDeleted(); Figure 1, Entity Framework Core, CLI I am not sure what exactly I was thinking, but it I did not really expect […]

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Lab 13: Using LogParser

IIS Benjamin Perkins

Setup Install LogParser 2.2 from here. Remember that IIS Log default to GMT and not local time, write queries accordingly Review this article which goes into great detail about LogParser Review this link which describes HTTP error codes Review this link which describes IIS error codes You can get a copy of the queries, iis […]

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