Where are my Azure Functions, disappeared

Which way did he go George, which way did he go? (*)

When you create an Azure Function App, a requirement to complete the operation is the selection or creation of an Azure Storage Account where the content (code, json, etc…), required to run the Azure Functions are to be stored.

  • Make sure the Storage Account is in the same Location as the Azure Function App, for performance reasons
  • If choosing the Consumption hosting plan, your content is stored in Azure Files (*)
  • If choosing the Dedicated / App Service plan, your content is stored in an Azure Storage Container (*)
  • *Upon creation of the Azure Funcition App, the storage container is created for you and stored in a Application Setting for the Azure Function App named: WEBSITE_CONTENTSHARE
  • *Upon creation of the Azure Function App the Azure Storage Account endpoint is generated and stored in an Application Setting named: WEBSITE_CONTENTAZUREFILECONNECTIONSTRING


Do not navigate to the Storage Account blade in the portal and reconfigure or remove the Storage Account or Storage Container.

Doing either of those things will result in the following…or in summary if you do that, say bye-bye to your Azure Functions…

In Figure 1, you see my Azure Function App with many Azure Functions.


Figure 1, where did my Azure Functions go, Azure Functions missing, dissappeared

I made some change to my Storage Account like, adding a Firewall Rule, deleting the container, updating the storage access key, or changed one of those Application Settings, which resulted in what is shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2, where did my Azure Functions go, Azure Functions missing, dissappeared

To resolve, undo the change you made.  If you removed the storage account or container, unless you have have a back up, they are gone.

  • Functions removed from function app