Kali Linux for Windows

This is pretty cool as I am very interested in this specific flavor of Linux.  I have installed it and it’s very cool.  You can down load this from the Microsoft Store.image

Then search for “Kali” and install it.

Here is the description:

“The Kali for Windows application allows one to install and run the Kali Linux open-source penetration testing distribution natively, from the Windows 10 OS.  To launch the Kali shell, type ‘kali’ on the command prompt, or click on the Kali title in the Start Menu.  The base image does not contain any tools, or a graphical interface in order to keep the image small, however these can be installed via apt commands very easily.  For more information about what you can do with this app check here.”


Once you install it, you can open it as per the instructions, enter ‘Kali’ from a command prompt or select if from the Start Menu.


I did receive this when I attempted to run it for the first time.

Error: 0x8007019e The Windows Subsystem for Linux has not been enabled.


Simply follow the instructions here and you will make it work, all is good.

But for starters, you needed to enable Windows Subsystem for Linux, just like the exception stated, it requires a REBOOT to complete.

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

And here……..we……..GOooooooooo!