Getting started with Lucene.Net 2.9.2 using C#

I recently started a project working with Lucene.Net. I am amazed at how simple it was to create and search indexes. I downloaded the source by pointing my TortoiseSVN (subversion) here ( and performing an Import. Once I downloaded it I opened the Lucene.Net.sln solution file in Visual Studio 2010 and compiled it targeting .Net version 4.0. So far it is working just fine. It took longer to build the GUI I used to capture the information required to create and search the index then it did to integrate the Lucene.Net library into it. More details to come. It is an awesome tool which I think gets overlooked in the industry. Just think, instead of having all your users run queries against your centrally located database, they can run them against indexed versions of the database. Then when they find the record they want, need, access the central data. This is commonly referred to as a content delivery network. Total coolness!

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