Cannot publish to Sovereign Cloud

I was reading this article where it discusses some of the different kinds of Clouds that Azure supports. For example:

  • Public Cloud
  • China Cloud
  • German Cloud
  • US Government Cloud

There may be more, but I was working on publishing an Azure App Service to the German Cloud and I was not finding my subscription in the dropdown of the Publish wizard, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1, cannot publish to the German Cloud

So I downloaded the German Cloud Azure App Service Publish Profile manually as shown in Figure 2, from the portal.


Figure 2, manual download of the German Cloud Azure App Services Web App publish profile

Then I Imported the downloaded *.PublishSettings file, as shown in Figure 3 and my App Service Web App published just fine.


Figure 3, manually import German Cloud Azure Web App publish profile

This is only a work around until the flow works the same for all instances of the cloud.