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Getting started with Lucene.Net 2.9.2 using C#

Benjamin Perkins Lucene.NET

I recently started a project working with Lucene.Net. I am amazed at how simple it was to create and search indexes. I downloaded the source by pointing my TortoiseSVN (subversion) here ( and performing an Import. Once I downloaded it I opened the Lucene.Net.sln solution file in Visual Studio 2010 and compiled it targeting .Net […]

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Convert Silverlight to WPF and WPF DataGrid in C#

Benjamin Perkins C#

Here is an example of a conversion from a Silverlight project that reads data and loads it to a DataGrid to a WPF project. Please read my previous post which covers the creation of the Silverlight project used in this example. Difference #1 Silverlight is built as a UserControl which is converted from your XAML […]

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